Washburn 81373

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Title: Washburn 81373
Author: Unknown
Description: "Washburn" was a steel, whaleback steamer built at Superior, Wisconsin in 1892. It was built for the Minnesota - St. Paul & Buffalo Steamship Co. and was used in the packet trade. Found impractical for this trade, it was turned back to the builders, along with the "Pillsbury." In 1896, the builders sold both to the Bessemer Steamship Co. of Cleveland, Ohio for the ore trade. The "Washburn's" name was changed to "James B. Neilson" at this time. Both vessels towed two whaleback barges, NO. 102 ("Sir Joseph Whitworth") and NO. 103 ("John Scott Russell"). All four went to the Pittsburgh Steamship Co., when they were organized in 1901. Later, the two barges were sold to the coast in 1905, and the "James B. Neilson" was sold, in 1927, to the Lake Ports Shipping & Navigation Co. of Detroit, Michigan. Its name changed to "J. T. Reid." In 1930, listed to Nicholson Universal Steamship Co., it was later sold, in 1931, to the Spokane Steamship Co. Both of these companies were located in Detroit, Michigan.
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