Aragon (107228)

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Title: Aragon (107228)
Author: Unknown
Description: The “Aragon” was built in 1896 by Detroit Dry Dock Co. of Wyandotte, Michigan. Numerous ownership transfers span the history of the ship. She was owned by Argo Steamship Co. from Cleveland, Ohio (1896-1903), Atlantic Coast Lumber Co. of New York (1903-1921), John Prindiville & Sons of Chicago, Illinois (1921), International Waterways Navigation Co., Ltd. of Montreal, Canada (1921-1929), Essex Transit Co., Ltd. of Ford, Ontario (1929-1933), Eugene Lefebre of Montreal (1933-1937), Sterling Construction Co., Ltd. of Windsor, Ontario (1937-1943), Thomas A. Trees of Hamilton, Ontario (1943-1946), George Davidson (Baywater Shipping, Ltd., Mgr.) of Brockville, Ontario (1946-1947), and Baywater Shipping, Ltd. (1947-1963). The vessel was known as “Aragon” until 1946 when it was renamed “Bayanna.” The vessel experienced various rebuilds including the addition of the pilothouse from the Canadian steamer “Collier” in 1960. The vessel was pulled into shallow water in December 1963, where it caught fire five months later. After the fire gutted the vessel, she was scrapped.
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