"Charles S. Neff" 127547

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Title: "Charles S. Neff" 127547
Author: Unknown
Description: "Charles S. Neff" started life as a United States registered vessel in 1901. The shipbuilder, Jenks Shipbuilding Company in Port Huron, Michigan completed the construction for owner Samuel C. Neff and Sons. A variety of United States owners from 1917-1920 included; A. B. Mackay, James Donald and Argonne Steamship Company Incorporated. In 1918-1920 the "Charles S. Neff" was renamed "Serpentine". At the same time, the vessel's tonnage was increased to 1032 gross tons. With the name change came a change in ownership, name and registration. Goitia Hermanos and Company Lts. was the new owner, naming the vessel, "Gabino" with registration in Spain. During that time "Gabino" carried grain in the Great Lakes. After four year, 1920-1924, the "Gabino" was sold to Hulton Thompson and Company, Ltd. with registration changed to the United Kingdom. In 1925, "Gabino" was rebuilt as a sand dredge and purchased by Niagara Sand Corporation. With the change in ownership came a new registry and name. From 1925-1949, the vessel was given the name "Weston M. Carroll", registered in the United States and purchased by Buffalo Gravel Corporation. In 1942 it was taken to the coast. In 1949, the "Weston M. Carroll" changed ownership to R. C. Huffman Construction Company. The final name change was in 1949 with the Overseas Dredge and Dock Corporation. They purchased the vessel and renamed it "San Pedro". In February, 1955, "San Pedro" capsized and sank in the harbor in Fortaleza, Brazil. It was scrapped in the mid -1960 to clear the harbor.
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Date: 1901

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