Agora I 4720 (Stele I) and I 5094 + I 6475 (Stele II) - Bouleutic list

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Title: Agora I 4720 (Stele I) and I 5094 + I 6475 (Stele II) - Bouleutic list
Author: The Ohio State University
Description: Squeezes
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Coverage Spatial: Greece - Athens
Date Created: 303/2 BC
Place of publication: SEG 24.161-163; J.S. Traill, "The Bouleutic List of 303/2 BC," Hesperia 37 (1968) 1-24; J.S. Traill, "Addendum to Hesperia XXXVII, 1968, pp. 1-24," Hesperia 38 (1969) 530; B.D. Meritt and J.S. Traill. The Athenian Agora XV. Inscriptions: The Athenian Councillors (Princeton 1974) no. 62.
Collection: Stephen V. Tracy Collection
Type: Squeeze paper
Digital Publisher: Center for Epigraphical and Palaeographical Studies
Contributing Institution: The Ohio State University

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I_4720d.jpg 959.0Kb JPEG image Thumbnail
I_4720f_i.jpg 947.9Kb JPEG image Thumbnail
I_4720h.jpg 163.3Kb JPEG image Thumbnail
I_4720j.jpg 243.6Kb JPEG image Thumbnail
I_4720k.jpg 279Kb JPEG image Thumbnail
I_4720m.jpg 27.13Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
I_5094.jpg 10.42Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
I_6475 (Stele II).jpg 424.5Kb JPEG image Thumbnail

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