Cincinnati, Ohio

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Title: Cincinnati, Ohio
Author: Sanborn Map Company; Bell and Howell Information and Learning
Description: STREETS: Baker [90-119]; Benham Alley; Burrows; Elm [65-156]; Fourth W. [91-303]; McFarland [1-38]; Mulberry Alley; Pearl W. [77-196]; Plum [66-156]; Race [71-150]; Second W. [80-188]; Third W. [91-204]; Union; Vine [57-145]; SPECIALS: Albert G. Cloth Refinishing; Burkhardt A. E. & Co. Dry Goods &c.; Burnet House; Buschle & Wuest Hub M'f'y; Chamber of Commerce; Cincinnati Screw and Tap Co.; Consolidated Time Lock Co.; Cordesman Meyer & Co. Mach. W'ks; Diehl Fire Works Co.; Dolph A. M. Co's Machine Works; Evans C. B. Mantel & Grate Co.; Exeter The; Fifth District School; Foerster D. Cracker Fact.; Gholson W. C. Fencing Co.; Haas Bros. Cigar M'f'y; Hall's Safe & Lock Co.; Kaiper C. Furniture; Laidlaw & Dunn Co.; Lee T. Metal Works; McBrair Lithograph'g Co.; Michaels & Schuermann Brass W'ks; Mitchell Building Co.; Mitchell R. Furn'e Co. Warehouse; Morris R. T. Printing; Mosler Safe & Lock Co.; Newburger & Bros. Cigar Fact. &c.; Ohio Valley Company Co.; Pioneer Spice Mills; Proteus Brass M'f'g Co.; Queen City Brass Works; Reid's Building; Sorg P. J. Co.'s Tob. Stemmery; St. Nicholas Hotel; Wildberg & Rosenberg Trunk Fact.
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Date: 1891 vol. 1

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