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Recording ID: 18066
Common Name: willow tit
Genus: Poecile
Species: montana
Date: 1991-05-18
Time: 1017
Last Name: McCallum
First Name: D Archibald
Country: China
State: Sichuan
City: Songpan (75 km north of) (Camp V)
Site: Narrow valley to north of camp V
Latitude: 33.1666666666667
Latitude Direction: N
Longitude: 103.716666666667
Longitude Direction: E
Altitude: 2774
Master Format: Analog Cassette
Index: 1111
Recorder: Sony TC-D5 Pro-II
Microphone: Audio Technica 815A
Parabola: no
Recording Time: 1444
Recording Event: 18 F song(s) to playback, faint whistled, while foraging, narration , 11 G song(s) 2 whistled,1 whistle-trill, 8 trilled, from top of, 4 G song(s) trilled song, 5 G song(s) 3 trilled, silence, playback, 2 trilled (best), narration , 1 G song(s) trilled, narration , 5 G song(s) whistled, faint
Background: wind, Elliot's laughingthrush, playback of-, willow tit, flying sounds
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Paridae
Sex: male(s)
Age: adult(s)
Seen: seen
Distance: 22-60 m