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Recording ID: 18391
Common Name: peg-billed finch
Genus: Acanthidops
Species: bairdii
Date: 1992-02-21
Time: 1326
Last Name: Gaunt
First Name: Sandra LL
Country: Costa Rica
State: San Jose
City: Providencia (road to)
Site: About 8.5 km west of Interamerican Highway at km 81
Latitude: 0
Longitude: 0
Altitude: 2700
Weather: overcast
Master Format: Analog Cassette
Index: 1059
Recorder: Sony TC-D5 Pro-II
Microphone: Audio Technica 815A
Parabola: no
Recording Time: 0820
Recording Event: GV call(s) continuous location calls, 2 fledglings, 2 GV call(s) chatter, adult at 0128, GV call(s) continuous one-noted location calls at 0238, 2 GV call(s) two-noted then three-noted, different fledglings, GV beg(s) continuous male in to feed; end time = 1306 hr, GV narration(s) 0629 to 0706 (adult misidentified as female), 3 GV call(s) possibly two adult chatter and zeep, foraging, GV narration(s) at 0736, 13 GV call(s) location call, fledgling at 0758
Background: wind, faint-, barred parakeet, wind, loud-, insects
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Emberizidae
Sex: MF
Age: AJ
Seen: seen
Distance: 1-2 m