Additional Document

Recording ID: 20719
Common Name: bananaquit
Genus: Coereba
Species: flaveola
Date: 1994-12-19
Time: 1205
Last Name: Gaunt
First Name: Sandra LL
Country: Costa Rica
State: Puntarenas
City: Osa Peninsula
Site: Sapling stand to west of trail to Rain Forest trail from restaurant
Latitude: 0
Longitude: 0
Master Format: DAT Cassette
Index: 2100
Recorder: Sony TCD-D10 Pro-II DAT
Microphone: Sennheiser MKH-70P48
Parabola: no
Recording Time: 0323
Recording Event: 16 G song(s) , G call(s) some, 7 G song(s)
Background: low frequency environment noise, walking noise, birds
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Coerebidae
Sex: MF
Age: A
Seen: seen
Distance: 3-3 m