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Recording ID: 30744
Common Name: crested auklet
Genus: Aethia
Species: cristatella
Date: 1998-07-24
Time: 0000
Last Name: Colver
First Name: Kevin
Country: USA
State: Alaska
County: Aleutians West
City: St. Paul Island
Site: Reef Point
Latitude: 57.1083333333333
Latitude Direction: N
Longitude: 170.291666666667
Longitude Direction: W
Altitude: 27
Weather: wind
Temperature: 7
Master Format: 2
Index: 3900
Recorder: Marantz PMD-1000
Microphone: Sennheiser ME-20
Parabola: Telinga 20
Recording Time: 0148
Recording Event: 12 PF call(s) bouts of calling
Background: water, parakeet auklet, wind, northern fur seal, motors of all types, thick-billed murre, microphone noise, winter (northern) wren, black-legged kittiwake
Class: Aves
Order: Charadriiformes
Family: Alcidae
Sex: male(s) & female(s)
Age: adult(s)
Seen: seen
Distance: 8 m