Additional Document

Recording ID: 3423
Common Name: purple martin
Genus: Progne
Species: subis
Date: 1958-05-18
Time: 0726
Last Name: Borror
First Name: Donald J
Country: USA
State: Ohio
County: Ottawa
City: Port Clinton
Site: Lakeside (0.5 mi east of Port Clenton), nest box near end of pier
Latitude: 41.4833333333333
Latitude Direction: N
Longitude: 82.9833333333333
Longitude Direction: W
Master Format: Open Reel - 15
Recorder: Magnemite PT63A
Microphone: Brush BA106
Parabola: Aluminum 24
Recording Time: 0310
Recording Event: 2 VG song(s) from 0045 by 1 bird, VG call(s) continuous miscellaneous notes, 1 VG song(s) to 0110 by 1 bird, VG call(s) continuous miscellaneous notes
Background: house sparrow, stop
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Hirundinidae
Sex: male(s)
Age: adult(s)
Seen: seen
Distance: 9-15 m