Additional Document

Recording ID: 6458
Common Name: kookaburra
Genus: Dacelo
Species: novaeguineae gigas
Date: 1963-06-11
Time: 0630
Last Name: Borror
First Name: Donald J
Country: USA
State: Ohio
County: Delaware
City: Powell (west of)
Site: Bird House
Latitude: 40.1666666666667
Latitude Direction: N
Longitude: 83.0833333333333
Longitude Direction: W
Master Format: 4
Recorder: Nagra-III
Microphone: American D33
Parabola: no
Recording Time: 0143
Recording Event: G call(s) and trill, in response to disturbance
Background: miscellaneous noises
Class: Aves
Order: Coraciiformes
Family: Alcedinidae
Sex: unknown sex
Age: adult(s)
Seen: captive
Distance: 1-2 m