Kamloops (Canadian 147682)

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Title: Kamloops (Canadian 147682)
Author: Unknown
Description: The "Kamloops" was built in 1924 at Haverton Hill, U. K. She was owned by the Canada Steamship Company of Montreal. She was of 2402 gross tons. A Canadian packet freighter, the "Kamloops" was lost in the early part of December in 1927 on Lake Superior. The Canadian steamer "Quedoc" saw the "Kamloops" at the locks. The "Kamloops" was bound toward Fort William when a heavy storm broke out. The two vessels frequently lost sight of each other. At Isle Royale, the "Quedoc" worked feverishly to prevent being stranded on the icy shores. When danger passed, the crew looked back and could not see the "Kamloops." She disappeared, taking with her a crew of twenty and two women.
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