Alvah S. Chisholm Jr.

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Title: Alvah S. Chisholm Jr.
Author: Unknown
Description: The "Alvah S. Chisholm Jr." was built at Marine City by Alexander Anderson for John Corrigan at a cost of $35,000. She was built with removable compartments on the deck for carrying sand. She was sold in 1900 to the Kelley Island Lime and Transport Company and rebuilt for the stone trade. She towed the "Ohio" and "David Moran" in the stone trade. In 1909, she was converted to a sand sucker at Sandusky, Ohio. By 1930, her boilers would no longer pass inspection and she was sold to Lampe Construction and Trading Company of Lorain, Ohio. She was later returned to Kelley Island Lime and Transport where her documents were surrendered in 1940. The picture was taken in 1907 loading limestone for Cleveland, Ohio, at the North dock of Kelleys Island
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