Saskatoon (Canada 123965)

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Title: Saskatoon (Canada 123965)
Author: Unknown
Description: This vessel, of 1,798 gross tons, was built in Sunderland, England in 1910 by the Sunderland Shipbuilding Company. She was built for the Merchants Mutual Line of Montreal, Quebec. During her lifetime (1910 - 1977), ownership (by British and Canadian companies) changed hands 15 times. Originally named "Saskatoon," she was named the "Rosemount" from 1927 - 1939; Willowbranch" 1939 - 1945; "Empire Tadpole" 1945 - 1947; "Basingcreek" 1947 - 1950; "Coastal Creek" 1950 - 1968; "Creek Transport" 1968 - 1972; Ile de Montreal" 1972.
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