"Newaygo" 130488

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Title: "Newaygo" 130488
Author: Unkown
Description: The propeller vessel, "Newaygo", was built in 1890 in Marine City, Michigan by Anderson Alexander. The bulk freighter was 1960.00 feet long, 37.16 feet wide, had a gross tonnage of 906.26 tons and carried coal. When originally built in 1890, she carried three masts. Her owners included: N. Mills, (1890); McMorran Brothers, (1890); N. Mills, (1893-1895); Mills Transportation, (1899-1902); and Henry D. McMorran, (1902-1903). On November 16, 1903, as the "Newaygo" was returning light from Cleveland, Ohio to her home port in French River, Ontario, a blizzard stranded her on Northwest Bank near Devil's Island, Georgian Bay, Ontario. No lives were lost as a result of this accident.
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Date: 1890

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