"Stephen M. Clement" 202087

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Title: "Stephen M. Clement" 202087
Author: Unkown
Description: In 1905, the American Ship Building Company in Lorain, Ohio built the vessel, "Stephen M. Clement" for the Buffalo Steamship Company. The vessel underwent a change in ownership. The "Stephen M. Clement" was sold to American Steamship Company, (1922-1965). Additional owners were Kinsman Marine Transit Company, (1965-1967); Sea-Land Service, Incorporated, (1967-1967) and the United States Maritime Commission (1967-1967). The vessel experienced several collisions. On May 4, 1911, as the "Stephen M. Clement", collided and sank the sternwheeler, "Erwin L. Fisher" on the Detroit River. On May 14 1913, "Stephen M. Clement" collided with the sternwheeler, "Fred G. Hartwell" in the ice at Duluth, Minnesota. The "Stephen M. Clement" changed its' name to "John J. Boland" in 1939. On November 2, 1948, the steamer, "John J. Boland" collided in the fog with "Frank Armstrong" on Lake Erie. Additional name changes included; ""Niagara Mohawk", (1953-1965) and "Peavey Pioneer", (1965-1969). The vessel went aground on May 31, 1966 in Ashland, Wisconsin and declared a total loss. It was towed to Fraser Shipyard, Superior, Wisconsin where it was used as "trade-in-tonnage" to United States Maritime Commission for C-4 "General H. G. Freeman". The ship was again sold in 1969 to the Hyman-Michael Company for $35,111. where it was scrapped at the Fraser Yard.
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Date: 1905

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