"Verendrye" 246224

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Title: "Verendrye" 246224
Author: Unkown
Description: The propeller driven vessel "Verendrye" had a gross tonnage of 10448.00 tons and was built in Portland, Oregon in 1944 by Kaiser Company, Incorporated. It was launched as a T2-SE-A1 Class tanker for the United States Maritime Commission. The "Verendrye" experienced five owners and five registration changes during its existence. The owners and registration included the following: United States Maritime Commission, owner (1944-1947); registered in the United States and named "Verendrye", Edenfield Tankers, Incorporated, owner (1947-1960); registered in the United Kingdom and named,"Edenfield", Leitch Transports, ,Limited owners (1960-1960); registered in Canada, Northern Shipping, owner (1960-1975); registered in West Indies.and renamed "Northern Venture", Upper Lakes Shipping, owner (1975-1983); registered again as a Canadian vessel. As the vessel, "Northern Venture" she struck an arrester at Lock 3 on May 13, 1971 in the Welland Canal and tied up traffic for 12 hours. In April 1977, "Northern Venture" lost power in Lake Ontario and had to be towed to Port Colborne by "Red Wing" where she received repairs. The "Northern Venture" was dismantled from the bow to mid-body and the sections added to the vessel "Cabot". The stern was scrapped in 1983 in Port Maitland, Ontario.
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Date: 1944

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