Frank Perry 202285

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Title: Frank Perry 202285
Author: Unknown
Description: The "Frank Perry" was a 330 gross ton tug built by Johnston Brothers at Ferrysburg, Michigan in 1905. She was sold in 1909 and then named the "George Kent." In 1912. The "Marine Review" reported that in 1912, she was purchased by the Southern Menhaden Co. of Jacksonville, Florida. She was taken to the Manitowoc Ship Building and Dry Dock Co where she was cut down to the main deck and reconstructed and adapted to the fishing business. Two years later she was bought by the W. G. Coyle Co. She was then named the "Sipsey." During WWII she was acquired by the U. S. Army. And following the war, the Bisso Towboat Co. purchased her and named her "Bisso." In 1973, her owners began transfer of her registry to Honduras. But when the transfer failed, she was scrapped at New Orleans in 1975. .
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Date: February 4, 2021

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