Larig 200902

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Title: Larig 200902
Author: Steamship Hist Society Anuric
Description: The "Larig" was built in Ecorse, Michigan in 1911 by the Great Lakes Engineering Works for the Harbor Transportation Company. She was a propeller-driven 2294 gross ton vessel. In 1915 she was sold to the Shawmut Steamship Company who renamed her the "Penobscot." The following year she was sold to Uruguay. and then to French interests. In 1936, she was sold to the British Intercoastal Steamship Company who chose took take her former name "Larig." Just two years later she was purchased by A. B. Mackay of the U.S. and renamed the "Penobscot." A short time later she was again bought. This time it was the Nova Scotia and St. Lawrence Navigation Company. She was then called the "Tristan, " a name she retained until she was purchased in 1941 by a Philippine company, Madrigal Shipping. She was then called the "Lepus." She foundered in a typhoon 200 miles from Luzon in 1956 Only 11 of her 36-man crew were saved.
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Date: January 31, 2021

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