G. A. Tomlinson 206623

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Title: G. A. Tomlinson 206623
Author: Harvey Miller
Description: This steel vessel of 6360 gross tonnage was built in 1909 by the American Ship Building Company of Lorain, Ohio. She was the property of Brown and Company (J. J. H. Brown) until 1915. From 1915 to 1950 she belonged to the Pioneer Steamship Company. In 1959, her name was changed to the "Henry R. Platt, Jr." From 1959 to 1969, she was owned by the Gartland Steamship Company. The following year, she was acquired by the Transworld Steel Corporation. Tugs "Herbert A." and "Traveller" towed her to Port Colborne from Cleveland, Ohio in 1970. She was "scrapped." Her hull was stripped at Humberstone and sold to the Canadian Dredge and Dock Company, Ltd. She was scuttled in Burlington Bay, Hamilton, Ontario along with "Grovedale." The vessels were used as breakwater and fill. Images 5349 and 5350 were taken in November 1970 by Harvey Miller as she was being towed out of Cleveland, Ohio for the last time. Image 5352 was taken April 26, 1969 - location uniknown.
Permanent Link: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.OX/188080
Date: 1909

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