Speech fragment concerning the abolition of slavery

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Title: Speech fragment concerning the abolition of slavery
Author: Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865
Description: Manuscript (ca. July 1858?), probably the concluding portion of a speech from the 1858 Senate campaign, concerning Lincoln's expectation that slavery would eventually be abolished. Lincoln acknowledges his ambition for higher office but continues, "[i]n the Republican cause there is a higher aim than that of mere office. I have not allowed myself to forget that the abolition of the Slave-trade by Great Brittain [sic], was agitated a hundred years before it was a final success;... School-boys know that Wilbe[r]force, and Granville Sharp helped that cause forward; but who can now name a single man who labored to retard it? Remembering these things I can not regard it as possible that the higher object of this contest may not be completely attained within the term of my natural life. But I can not doubt either that it will come in due time. Even in this view, I am proud, in my passing speck of time, to contribute an humble mite to that glorious consummation, which my own poor eyes may not last to see."
Permanent Link: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.OX/62412
Date: [ca. July 1858?]

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