Copy of letter to Edward Fettyplace

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Title: Copy of letter to Edward Fettyplace
Author: Smith, George E.
Description: Copy of letter to Edward FettyplaceSmith, George E.September 30, 1812AlgiersManuscript documentSmith, George E. -- Correspondence; United States -- History -- War of 1812; United States -- History -- War with Algeria, 1815.In August of 1812, Algiers captured the brig Edwin of Salem and enslaved its crew, who suffered for three years until the war's end. In this letter, dated September 30, 1812, Captain George Smith writes, "Be not astonished!! for alas! it is too true, that I am now addressing you as a Slave in Algiers... I think that all differences will be adjusted between G[reat] B[ritain], & America, Should they not do not let me die a Slave in Algiers... I steal the time after begging the paper to write this." Tobias Lear, son of a wealthy Portsmouth, N.H., shipmaster, former secretary to President Washington and then consul general in Algiers, arranged to pay the ransom for the sailors' freedom.
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Date: September 30, 1812

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